Mobile PBX – How it Works

Mobile PBX – How it Works – Are you using a regular phone system, or using your personal cell phone for your business? You can convert your phone system into a business mobile pbx phone system with more features than a large enterprise at a fraction of the cost.

You don’t need to buy any new hardware or special phones. You don’t need to install any software either. You won’t need a technician to come out to your premises to set up the service. Ok, here’s, how it works. You sign up with us and if you are a new business you can select your phone number from any city or if you have an existing company number you can use that number and have your clients call your culture number.

You can make a positive and professional impression on them by recording using an auto attendant and add a greeting that says. Welcome to Mobile Pbx Phone System corporation, please hold as we connect you to our staff, or you can have a greeting like this:

Welcome to Mobile Pbx Phone System corporation, please, press 1 for customer service press 2 for administration or if you know the extension of the person you want to reach, please enter it now. You can even woo them with your own music on hold recording.

Also, you can create an extension numbers for every employee and forward the calls to your staffs phone number. You can even forward the calls to all their numbers, including their personal cell phone, home phone.

This way they’ll always be reachable by your esteemed and valuable clients. Every member of your organization and each department can have their own voice mailboxes with their own personalized greetings.

You and your personnel can be in the same building or a thousand miles apart. Our phone system will keep you connected. You can also get a separate number in line for your fax machine.

Faxes are emailed to you as PDF. We have a simple app to make phone calls from your smart phones. Your client will see your business number as the caller ID further enhancing the professional image of your company save over 60 % on your total cost.

We provide all-inclusive monthly plans with whichever features you need. Contracts can be signed for as little as 12 months. Go on give us a call today on 011 206 2900 or email us and impress your clients with a professional image and never miss a sale again.