Use an analogue phone as a VoIP phone

analogue phone as a VoIP

Use an analogue phone as a VoIP phone:

Can you “use an analogue phone as a voip phone’ on your current VoIP telephone service. Even though these voip services can be inexpensive and convenient, the alternative to traditional land-based phone services. Voip phones use an existing Internet connection instead of a landline to make calls. However, buying a VoIP-enabled telephones to replace your old analogue phone can be expensive and add on costs before you even make your first call. So in view of this, many VoIP service providers and router manufacturers have created analogue-to-VoIP “ATA adaptors” or incorporated VoIP capabilities into their routers. KT9296e telephone with headset portEither of these enable you to convert your analogue phones to VoIP simply by connecting and using your existing equipment and simply changing the service. We list below a few ways one could turn analogue phones into VoIP phones.

ATA adaptor (Analogue Telephone Adapter)

ATA stands for “analogue telephone adapter” and is a small box that connects to a router, and once configured, works with SIP based VoIP service providers. It features FXS (extension ports) and FXO ports (line ports). The ATA is used to connect an analogue telephone to the voip network, either way ie: ip to analogue or analogue to IP. These come in one, two, four and eight port varietals and have limited functionality beyond telephony conversion. This solution is very common and often found in homes, small offices, or locations using a single telephone.

VoIP Router solution in a box:

The VoIP router is a similar device to an ATA box with the added benefit of having all the bits in one box. The voip router offer a bit more power and gives additional flexibility in that it offers things like call waiting, call hold, caller ID, hotline dialling, and more. 4 line call recordingThese routers often allow multiple SIP accounts to be configured. With built-in FXS and FXO ports, just plugging in an analogue phone will give the home office or small business the much needed ability to reduce call cost and deploy a professional telephony solution without the spending extra on VoIP handsets.


If you are a small to medium business looking for the best possible VoIP solution in your communications then using a voip pabx will allow you to incorporate analogue and VoIP phones into your work network. A voip PBX is really a telephone exchange allowing one to host in-house on an organisation’s network. It is a super cost effective solution with multiple ports to accommodate analogue phones and VoIP phones, and future proof allowing for growth in users and flexibility in setup.


The benefit of using an analogue phone with one of the above VoIP solutions is the ability to failover or utilise the PSTN (analogue) phone system. If your internet connection failed then maintaining a PSTN connection can provide a vital lifeline for customers to still remain in contact with your business clients.

The above options aren’t exclusive to business, nowadays many households choose to switch to VoIP to lower calling costs, and global telephony to connect with friends and family overseas.

So turning an analogue phone into a VoIP phone is now easier than ever!