Mweb Talk and Gigaset

Mweb Talk and Gigaset

Thinking of getting fibre with MWEB, you get a free VoIP line account, does this mean that all my calls are free? Or do you still pay for calls?

The number is free with your Mweb account however you have to pay for calls to landlines or mobile phones.

Mweb Talk as a provider is OK but Mweb will not help you with  support or implementation of the account on your device. So be careful who you purchase your Gigaset product from as the support​ for Mweb talk is terrible and they will just refer you to the supplier of your phone for support.

Gigaset supplies various resellers with Gigaset products and it is up to the reseller to support their clients with product issues and software support.

Purchase your Gigaset VOIP phone form directly and we will assist or in many instances set up your Mweb account for you remotely at no extra charge.

If you are purchasing your Gigaset voip phone from another supplier make sure first they will provide support with setup and installation of your product otherwise you will end up paying for this additional service.

These are some popular voip phone choices for your Mweb Talk service Gigaset A540ip Gigaset E630ip Gigaset A510ip (replaced by A540ip)