Mobile Pabx – Mobilize your workforce

mobile pabx

Mobile Pabx – Mobilize your workforce

Mobile pabx – What if you could be anywhere in the country with your office phone, take calls on the go and transfer to your colleages extension as needed (just like as if your were in your office). Well you can now, it’s finally available.

FARANANI introduces Mobile PBX, a solution powered by the MTN platform, now available in South Africa.

FARANANI Mobile PBX is designed to provide Corporate and SMEs with business grade telephony features, on a true Fixed Mobile Converged solution.

It allows you to use your cellular phone as a PABX for the office while taking it anywhere in the world.

Traditional PABX features, like Auto Attendant, Hunt Groups, and Receptionist, are included using our Mobility APP all on your mobile phone.

You also get to keep your existing landline numbers by porting your geographic fixed line telephone numbers and using it with Mobile PABX.

No need to get new numbers and having to change your marketing or business cards to reflect new phone numbers.

And, you get to keep your cellphone number and office on one device for business and private calls.

There are many more great features available with the Mobile PABX System and these include:

Business and private calls Split

  • Huge savings with the Lowest call rates in the country
  • We also offer desktop sim phones
  • Business calls are charged automatically to the companies’ account.
  • Business calls don’t use your minutes or generate call charges on the linked mobile contracts.
  • Receive separate  bills for business and private mobile contract users
  • Pay a standard rate for business calls, instead of paying different call rates, applicable to user’s mobile contract.

Business keeps it’s advertised single contact number

  • The business landline number is displayed when you make calls to third party’s by your company staff when business calls from their mobile phone are made
  • Keep the same fixed line number for life, even when the mobile number linked to this service is changed.

Mobility with ease of use

  • Works with most mobile phones or we provide the most robust military strong mobile handsets
  • Smart phone runs our application which uses no data to make business calls.
  • Mobile PABX calls do not consume data for voice calling. Calls are made using normal GSM pabx crosscall range

Mobile PABX features can be controlled by users on their mobile device such as do not Disturb, Activate/Deactivate call forward, Call Pickup, and many more. Whatsapp, Zoom Conference calls and request a quote are additional features.

FARANANI Mobile PABX runs on the MTN network, and calls from a linked mobile phone will be processed as an outgoing business calls from the office telephone and will be charged to that business account and not the mobile account.

To find out more, call us on 011 206 2900 now